Posted by: Alice | April 27, 2013

Storage Buildings So Good You’ll Want To Take Them With You

You wouldn’t think of storage buildings as being an important part of a move, but I am realizing that they are.  I am currently in the process of moving after having lived on my farm for 16 years.   It’s an emotional move for me.  Memories of first-born lambs, a new colt running through the field and the first soft snowfall of winter are just some of the pictures that run through my mind. Four of my best old dogs are buried on the place and many friends and relatives have helped celebrate the fall harvest.

I wasn’t sure where I would be moving. I wanted to downsize and live on a smaller acreage, but so many
things were up in the air. One of my prized possessions is my tack room from Idaho Wood Sheds.  (Mine’s the one in the middle)Western Idaho Fair

The only thing I was sure of was that my tack room would be going with me. I called Alan and Alice and
they assured me that moving a shed was easy to do and not that costly.

Sure enough, when Alan showed up it took less than a half hour to load it.

Trailer tilting to load

One of the things I like best
about Idaho Wood Sheds is the family behind it. Both Alan and Alice are good, solid people that follow
through on promises and help you work with your budget to create a storage building that will fit your needs.

(I have had other sheds, but they have not weathered as well and the paint quickly faded and peeled. Other
disappointments included roof shingles that lifted off prematurely, and leaks. The personal attention just
wasn’t there with other shed companies.)

I know it may seem silly to some people to have an emotional attachment to a storage building, but working with Alan and Alice creates a new kind of family and when I look at my tack room I am always reminded of
them and Idaho Wood Sheds.Shed loading on trailer

I’m excited about my new farm and know that I’ll find another need for a shed and that I’ll be in safe hands
when I make my choice.


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