Posted by: Alice | March 22, 2013

A love affair with barns……

Idaho is an amazing state.  Especially cool are Idaho’s historic barns.  If you let them, they connect you to a people and a past that’s hearty and self-sufficient.  One of my favorites is this barn (picture taken by Erin Gilbert of Boise, Idaho.  Then we have the historic barns that are being upcycled into comfortable home.  Even though you didn’t build it, it’s satisfying to see a barn whose structure has stood the test of time.Erin Gilbert's photo


From Northern Idaho barns to Southeastern Idaho barns, inspiration for our own barn projects abound.  What kind of a barn are you dreaming about?

We recommend a minimum of a 2 X 10 top plate for any tall barn projects.  This inhibits your barn from bowing on the sides and the roof line from sagging in the middle.  A manageable size for most home owners is a 16 X 24.  Putting a loft and upper gable access to your loft is a great idea as well.  Consider using salvaged wood for your barn or log siding.  Better yet, paint standard siding with delicious colors.  The Barn Journal has some interesting ideas and resources.

Barn Home


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