Posted by: Alice | April 15, 2008

Options and Accessories for your storage shed.

Your storage shed, shop or barn does not have to be just four walls and the roof. Here at Idaho Wood Sheds we offer multiple options and accessories to help give your shed that unique and one-of-a-kind feel.

These options are available on all shed designs:

Windows – Our windows are white vinyl frames that can be open for ventilation in the summer. A screen is included. Windows sizes are 2 x 2, 3 x 2, and 3 x 3.
Flower Box – A quality box with holes pre-drilled in the bottom for drainage. Flower boxes come in a 2′ and 3′ box to fit under windows.
Vented Sky Lights – This unique product not only gives your shed ventilation, it also lets sunlight in so you can see your way around. Made of tuff poly material to hold up under the worst weather.
Cupolas – A very nice looking cupola with a strong ridge line and a roof that is trim with drip edge flashing and roofed to match your shed.
Weather Vanes – We have two options on our weather vanes to choose from, the 24″ and the 30″. The 24″ weather vane comes in the Dog, Pheasent or Cow design. The 30″ weather vane comes in the Elk, Moose or White Tail deer design and are handpainted. All of our weather vanes are made in the USA.

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